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What chris brings you and your team.

Inspiration and Empowerment

Chris’s main goal is to inspire and empower you to take control of your life and career. He’ll share his personal journey and insights into how hardship can be transformed into opportunity, and how you can emerge stronger on the other side.

A Fresh Perspective

Chris will always ask you to think outside the box. Sometimes, solutions to issues like hiring and retaining employees, customer dependence, and marketing have been in front of you all along, but you just weren’t looking in the right places. He will share stories of inspiration that challenge your beliefs and assumptions, encouraging you to explore new methods and possibilities for growth.

Practical Strategies

Chris provides tangible takeaways that you can implement immediately—from how you can leverage referrals to grow your visibility to how to prioritize relationships as the key to your success. I’ll give you actional steps to help you position your business as indispensable and keep you prepared for the unexpected while still finding joy and purpose in every day.

Chris Lautenslager - Public Speaker

a deeper look into Chris and his Values

Being a business owner or entrepreneur is one of the most gratifying journeys in life. However, in today’s rapidly changing world, with challenges like finding the right employees, hard to navigate new technology, and sudden economic downturns such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and burnt out. The burden of responsibilities can start to weigh on you—from handling the hiring process and customer relationships to navigating uncertain market conditions and keeping investors happy—it takes its toll, gradually dimming the passion you once had for work.

The grind and hustle can quickly overshadow the possibility of each new day, leaving you trapped in a cycle of fear, pressure, and dwindling enthusiasm. Your personal relationships may suffer as a result, and a sense of malaise eventually sets in, draining you of energy and inspiration. You may find yourself escaping into Netflix, or endlessly
scrolling on social media, but the symptoms are there: trouble sleeping, restlessness, irritability, fluctuations in weight, increased illness, and a detachment from activities and people you once enjoyed. Unfortunately, this lack of passion has become so normalized in our society that we simply believe it’s an unavoidable aspect of the work.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Small businesses represent more than just transactions of goods and money; they foster connections between people. This puts you in a unique position to have the greatest potential to positively impact the world. The path out of the monotony and exhaustion begins with you.

I’m Chris Lautenslager, and I specialize in helping individuals like you overcome burn out and apathy, to find fulfillment and success in their career. With forty years of business experience under my belt and a deep understanding of the challenges that business owners and entrepreneurs face, I bring a unique perspective and practical
solutions to the obstacles of today.

During my talks, I explore the root causes of this malaise, and the pressures associated with being a business owner in a capitalist framework that often overlooks the diverse interpretations of success. I offer actionable steps and strategies to help you break free from burn out and find purpose and meaning in both your personal and professional life.

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“Chris is a rare breed. A truly evolved professional with heart, conviction, and a determination to learn  all the time…he’s a purely refreshing guest…get into this story…”
-Neon Jazz Interviews

“Great conversation with lots of tips for my listeners”
-Speaking with Roy Coughlan

“Chris was a wonderful who shared a lot of great tips and awesome value. It was a pleasure having him on the show!”
-Entrepreneurs Visiting Victor 

“Chris is an avid and vocal supporter of small business and I think anyone listens to his conversations will be inspired to delve into the small biz world!”
-One Leg Up with Alex Garrett

-Tony P Testimonial Video

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