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About The Founder

Chris Lautenslager

Chris is a seasoned sales and business veteran with a Masters in Finance and Economics from Northwestern University. His forty-year career began on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, where he started his first business in partnership with his brother Curtis. With the introduction of electronic trading, he transitioned to Wall Street to participate in this disruptive new technology. As a Senior Sales Executive with some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, he learned the business practices that can propel or crush a company’s potential for success. He was able to apply those lessons as a Founder and Board Member of a small business which developed into a publicly listed company on NASDAQ.

During his vast experience at the heart of the financial world, Chris weathered and witnessed the personal and societal impacts caused by the increasing speed, complexity and volatility of the industry. He observed and recognized how the extraordinary wealthy rarely shared the credit or the wealth with the employees, vendors and community that made organizational success a reality. The power of a reshaped version of Capitalism and potential of the community of socially conscious leaders inspired Chris’s mission to help redefine the hierarchical, shareholder-first corporate model and foster companies that prioritize purpose as importantly as profits.

Driven by an unshakable desire to partner with the leaders of small and medium businesses, Chris founded GET LOOPED, LLC as a platform to showcase the value and benefits of a collective prosperity for people, businesses and communities. Today, he helps businesses and CEOs incorporate prosperity in collaboration with profitability into their business practices.

Chris Lautenslager

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As a partner to socially conscious leaders, Chris and his team helps businesses that:

Create personal and professional prosperity for business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and employees.

Improve company performance based on defined, measurable metrics.

Shape a legacy of lasting enhancements in our local communities.