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Small Business expert Chris Lautenslager


Helping business entrepreneurs create a prosperous company, life and community.

Recent years have brought increasing outcries about the unmet needs of hard-working Americans. The 2020 pandemic has brought forth an even louder, larger collective voice demanding shifts in social justice and financial inequality. The socially-conscious CEO’s seek to foster this change and wants a new business model that has an on-going, expansive,  positive impact on all that are touched by their firm.

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GET LOOPED, LLC provides expert guidance for small and mid-size companies (SMEs) to build businesses that incorporate prosperity alongside profitability. As a partner to socially conscious leaders, we work to build a business that reflects your dreams and ambitions.

Our process focuses on:

  • Creating personal and professional prosperity for business owners, executives, entrepreneurs and employees.
  • Improving company performance based on defined, measurable metrics.
  • Creating a legacy of lasting enhancements in our local communities.

All of these objectives are obtainable by fostering companies that prioritize purpose as importantly as profits – companies that recognize the value of their team and properly reward all those who contribute to the creation of an organization’s wealth and profitability.

The world is changing.

Are you ready to become a partner in a model for positive change?

It all begins with prosperity!

Our 3-Loop Model and the positive ripple effects therein all begin with The Prosperity Loop:

Discover the unmatched fulfillment and drive that stem from having clarity of purpose and a dedication to collective prosperity.
A company thrives in prosperity when goals are aligned, rewards are shared and there is a collective sense of purpose for good.
Community purpose is a common vision and fuel that drives leaders and companies to create a legacy that impacts current and future generations.
Positive contributions made locally create ongoing ripple effects that magnify the benefits throughout the lives of others within our country and our world.

Prosperity for your company, yourself and your community.

Be part of the changing world.

Call to Action

What type of purpose do you want to live out? What type of future do you want for yourself, your loved ones, your people and your community?

If you are an organizational, political or thought leader seeking to further embrace your success while growing your company, reach out today to learn about the opportunities to apply the Prosperity Loop in your organization.

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