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The Prosperity Loop

A Wealth Creation Model for Socially Conscious
Leaders, Their Teams & Their Communities


What's Inside

With every passing day, month and year, there will be new choices you make as a business owner or CEO…and those choices will lead to either hardship or prosperity. The Prosperity Loop is a guidebook to living, leading and partnering in the direction of prosperity, no matter what life may bring.

Whether you are seeking personal enhancement or improvement in the performance of your company, The Prosperity Loop presents a strategic foundation, the principles and examples for. organizations to shift to a more healthy, shared experience of success and the resulting creation of wealth.

This book is a model for shared success and an invitation to change on a personal level and magnify your Ripple Effect to support growing levels of engagement, accomplishment, and wealth creation for you, your people and your community.

The Prosperity Loop

The Book

Learn how greater prosperity is possible by adopting the practices of the most social conscious organizations in North America.

In The Prosperity Loop, forty-year business veteran, Chris Lautenslager presents a formula for building a shared organizational success. He depicts the stories and details the practices of organizations who reward those who’s contributions create greater value to their business. True exponential growth and collective prosperity necessitate the six key practices you’ll find inside.

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About the Author

Chris Lautenslager is a seasoned sales and business veteran with a Masters in Finance and Economics from Northwestern University. His forty-year career in sales and finance began on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where he built his first business. As a Senior Sales Executive with some of the world’s most prominent financial institutions, he learned the business practices that can propel or crush a company’s pathway towards. success. He was able to apply those lessons as a Founder and Board Member of a small business that became a publicly listed NASDAQ company.

With a desire to reshape a more all-encompassing version of Capitalism came Chris’s founding of Get Looped, LLC and his vision to partner with executives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to reshape how wealth and success can and should increase the collective prosperity for all Americans.

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