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If you’ve been following us over the past few weeks, then chances are you’re already familiar with some of the groundbreaking concepts in the upcoming new book The Prosperity Loop.

Creating a virtuous ongoing loop of shared organizational success will yield many benefits to both you and your organization.

But what exactly can you expect to achieve?

1. Experience joy and prosperity as part of the foundation of your life.
Adopting a philosophy of collective prosperity into your life will change how you value yourself and your experience of happiness and success as a leader.

2. Build sustainable happiness and prosperity for employees, their families and communities.
Recognizing and rewarding your people for their contributions has ripple effects on a wider audience with lasting positive outcomes.

3. Develop stronger relationships, a higher level of integrity and a greater sense of shared purpose.
The principles of shared prosperity will help you build a strong eco-system that supports sustainable growth based on mutual trust, integrity and shared purpose.

4. Expand your impact through increased growth and profitability of your company.
When you adopt the mindset of inclusive prosperity, your organization’s success will generate prosperity for a much larger audience, who, in turn, will support and drive your business growth in a virtuous loop that creates boundless growth and profitability for all.

Yes, now you can achieve all these without compromising profits! Learn more at

Pre-order The Prosperity Loop: A Wealth Creation Model for Socially Conscious Leaders, Their Teams and Their Communities (Redwood Publishing) on Amazon.

Pre-order The Prosperity Loop on Amazon

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