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We’ve all heard the stories of self-made millionaires: those who have achieved unimaginable success with nothing but their own blood, sweat and tears. They often talk about putting in long hours, compromising personal time with family, being smart with money and having extreme work ethics as the secrets to their wealth and prosperity.

The truth is the story of a self-made millionaire is nothing short of a myth. No one can operate in a vacuum or realize success alone. There is always a collective effort – by employees, business partners, vendors, customers and many others – that drives each one of us and our organizations towards success.

Failure to acknowledge this eco system could eventually leave your success on shaky ground. This is why modern-day business leaders are searching for ways to step away from the widely praised profit-centered approach to one that focuses on people.

You don’t need to choose one over the other. In The Prosperity Loop, he shares how you can achieve both through collective prosperity.

It is a model that allows you to invest in and develop those who contribute to your success and gain boundless fulfillment and prosperity for you, your organization and everyone else involved based on mutual respect, trust, integrity and collective purpose.

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Pre-order The Prosperity Loop: A Wealth Creation Model for Socially Conscious Leaders, Their Teams and Their Communities (Redwood Publishing) on Amazon.

Pre-order The Prosperity Loop on Amazon

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