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Many business leaders understand the importance of their people but still avoid prioritizing them for fear of having to sacrifice profits. This is the trouble with the shareholder-centered business model America has embraced for generations. It is riddled with fallacies that drive organizations to choose profits over people.

Consequences of this approach are evident all around us. Strained relationships between the C-Suite and the front line have led to increasing activism, attrition and general discontent.

Meanwhile, many companies have been able to defy this profit-first approach and build thriving businesses while prioritizing people. How have they achieved this? It demands a new way of thinking.

“The people who have helped build your organization are your organization. Those who have helped build your success are your success, and they should share in what stems from it,” explains business veteran and author Chris Lautenslager in his new book, THE PROSPERITY LOOP.

THE PROSPERITY LOOP is a guidebook for building socially conscious companies that prioritize people without sacrificing profits. It presents a formula to acknowledge, thank and reward the people who shape your organization’s success and to achieve collective prosperity and exponential growth together with your employees.

Get ready for a new paradigm shift in doing business. It is no longer about people VS. profit. It is about people AND profit.

You can pre-order the book on Amazon.