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Your organization culture makes your business a living, breathing entity. But what values, goals and aspirations are defining and directing your culture?

For many businesses, chasing profits has become the sole reason for existence. But it’s sapping life out of these companies, their employees, business partners and communities around them. It does little for building a nurturing culture both within and outside these organizations: one that supports a sustainable eco-system for long-term business success.

The Prosperity Loop provides a roadmap to live, lead and partner in the direction of prosperity, no matter what life may bring. It’s about rewarding and looking after your employees with socially conscious leadership, developing mutually beneficial partnerships with your vendors and supporting your local communities. In other words, it’s about building a culture of collective prosperity that creates success and happiness for everyone involved.
The Prosperity Loop offers principle-based techniques to achieve this. Principles such as a common vision, corporation and collaboration, value creation and circular communication will guide you to create better alignment between personal and organizational goals and steer all stakeholders towards collective prosperity.

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The Prosperity Loop: A Wealth Creation Model for Socially Conscious Leaders, Their Teams and Their Communities (Redwood Publishing) is now available to pre-order on Amazon.

Pre-order The Prosperity Loop on Amazon

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